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What's Bread Machine Yeast What's Bread Machine Yeast Baking Made Simple

Anyone who loves to explore their culinary abilities will agree that baking has a special place in their hearts. Baking requires special skill, and other ingredients have been studied, experimented with and improved on over the years. A standard requirement for any baking venture, yeast has undergone various transformations through the years and a stop at the supermarket will bear testimony to this particular fact. An increasingly popular choice on the shelves of supermarkets in recent times is bread machine yeast, which has simplified the preparation involved in baking to some large extent.
What Is Bread Machine Yeast
Put simply, bread machine yeast is absolutely nothing but instant active dry yeast that rises quite quickly. Contrary to other types of yeast that have to be mixed with tepid to warm water for activation, bread machine yeast can be used dry. This yeast is milled into extremely fine particles and simply needs to be added with all your other dry ingredients before baking.
How To Use Bread Machine Yeast
If you are just figuring out what exactly is bread machine yeast, all you have to do is think of it when it comes to traditional active dry yeast which you might have used all along. To use bread machine yeast, just measure out the amount you would have normally utilized in earlier scenarios, skip adding it to water, and you also are all set to go.
If you are planning to go for bread machine baking, use half a teaspoon of yeast for each cup of flour that you employ for your recipe if you are on the regular bread machine cycle. However, if you are opting for express bread machine cycles a treadmill hour cycle, then you should preferably double or triple the amount of yeast used, for the best results.
In the case of traditional baking, you can use bread machine yeast directly, as it was intended to be added, or even dissolved with water. Keep in mind, though, that whenever yeast comes into direct connection with sugar or salt, its activity decreases.
If you plan to dissolve it before use, it is ideal that you re-hydrate it before using it so that it is ready to use on your dough. To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in hot water, add the necessary quantity of yeast and stir it completely. Wait for it to foam for around ten minutes before adding it to all of your ingredients. Irrespective of the method of baking that you opt for, keep in mind that each recipe requires different quantities of yeast as well as the ingredients you use can either increase or decrease yeast activity. Therefore, study your recipe well in order to clearly figure out how much bread machine yeast is to be added for best results.
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