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Waffle Maker Using A Waffle Maker

waffle maker is an electrical home appliance used for making waffles. They are available in different shapes and sizes and affordable prizes. Using a waffle marker is very simple and does not require any professional skills. The entire process of using a waffle maker is really as follows:
1. Mixing the components
The first step is getting everything ready. This involves mixing the components in a bowl in the right quantities.
2. Powering the waffle maker
The waffle is an electrical machine that utilizes alternating current. To power the machine you plug it into the socket and an LED will be on showing the waffle maker is on.
Heat the machine for a small period of time to allow for greasing of the heating surface.
3. Greasing the waffle maker
This is a simple process that ensures the ingredients do not stick around the waffle maker. Use a soft brush and cooking oil to gently smear the oil on the heating surface. Care should be taken to not scratch the surface as it may cause rusting.
4. Pouring the components
Ingredients should be poured gently and with care to avoid spilling of the content. One should not overload the waffle maker to make it even harder to close. The ingredients should not be in liquid form as they may spill over or cause electrical damages when they heat up.
5. Heating process
After pouring the ingredients in the right quantity close it and power it on. The red light will show that the machine is on and is warming up. This machine will warm up the waffle and when ready it will stop heating automatically. The green light will demonstrate that the waffles are ready.
6. Removing the waffles
One should make use of a non-conducting material when removing the waffles or any metal as this may scratch the heating surface.
7. Cleaning the waffle maker
The cleaning process is extremely essential in order to make the machine go on for long. Wrong cleaning methods can thus cause the machine to break down or even rust. Waffle makers should not be directly in contact with water. This is because the device has an electrical
Part whereby the water can cause a short circuit causing a malfunctioning of the machine. For the heating surface a clean dry piece of cloth should be used or a soft paper to avoid scratches. The exterior should also be wiped clean and the waffle machine should be stored in a dry place, free from dust and moisture.

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