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Tired of some generic Monsanto filled juice wanna-be, then get some real juice from the real juice maker.
Browse the Jack Lalanne juicer and you will definitely be in for a really pleasant time. Jack's power juicer has been around for about ten years, giving us smoothies, clear colons and a healthy heart therefore we can all be part of the club of the alive.
As you've probably heard, most of what we should eat today is over processed and full of chemicals. Now the good news with this is that the food lasts longer and can be sold all across the world, however the bad news is that it is really killing us! What to do? Cut down on the processed food and enjoy an all-natural, healthier and tastier diet of wholesome fruits. The concept behind juicing is simple really, fruits are great for you and do massive things for your health and help to improve the quality of your life. They could even let you live longer so why not enjoy them as much as you can? Pop the fruits in the machine, press play and you can begin to drink away. Sadly, Jack is not with us, but while he was alive, he really pushed the message out there on juicing as a way of being whole and this is what drove the creation of the power juicer.
The power juicer will help you get more 'alive' food, that is, natural fruits in your system. The idea being the cooking process we put our food through is generally excessive and so kills of a large amount of the nutrients in them. So, we're really eating dead food. The good news for your power juicer is that it brings you the benefits of natural fresh fruit juices and you enjoy making your personal fruit juice in your own kitchen, fresh!
Jack's Power Juicers possess a price range of $100 - $150 and they come with free shipping and all sorts of goodies like lifetime warranties, extra-large chute for all sorts of fruits, easy to clean features and they are super quiet. They are also high in the safety department so you can juice in peace.
Getting a power juicer is a huge deal if you are ready for your shift to a truly healthy life because it helps you make better eating choices. It can serve as the center of your eating system since merely even having it around will remind you to use it, to pay more attention to what you put in the body.

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